About Myself

About Myself
I was born in an Aristocratic Muslim Family in Dhaka (Bangladesh). My family was different from any other common family in Bangladesh. Since childhood, I grew up in an environment where there were some rules and regulations, my grand father and grand mother and father were very particular about these rules and regulations and they observed those rules and regulations very carefully. My family practiced astrology, Vastu Shastra, divine psychic spirits. The divine psychic spirits can be gained by praying to Almighty Allah; even they can be gained by reading the holy quran, hadith, by fasting and by studying 18th puran Shastra,(8 Thousands years old script) ayurvedic Shastra and many other Shastra or books etc. My father established an ayurvedic medicine company, the name of which was Sudha Ausadhalaya. He was a senior class one gazetted officer in Bangladesh, at the same time a famous kabiraj (ayurvedic physician) and a great astrologer (he did not give much time to his practices). My father was Comilla District Audit and Accounts Officer while I was a student of class eight in Comilla Zila School. I was also afraid of spirits initially. In the earlier stages my father guided me to do thing in right way. He taught me to know about both good and bad spirits and about precautionary methods to safeguard against bad spirits and which are very vital for any medium gradually. I gained expertise regarding contacting with only good spirits. Astrology, Vastu Shastra are teacher-centered education (it is very essential to learn this knowledge properly from holy and very experienced teacher).

I was not guided by so many teachers in this line excepting five teachers. I was initiated into this learning by my father who taught me the procedure and backed up this by making me to read many astrological and Vastu Shastra books (there was not a single book available on Vastu Shastra subject at that time and I learned it from matsopuran, garurpuran, scanda puran, nagar puran, Tantra Puran, Kalika Puran, bishwakarma prakash and my knowledge of the subject was augmented by practical ideas taught me by my father and teachers). The spirits with whom I came in touch with also acted as guides for me in this field. But after my father’s death in 2001 things changed. I do not consider that I have became alone, but he with his thoughts on morality is still guiding me about most top 100008 astrological, Vastu Shastra and ayurvedic Shastra points which I learnt from my father and I became an astrologer, Vastubid and alternative medicine physician. After the death of my father I feel that a proper guide is needed in all stages of this science. But a proper guide is needed at the initial stage. If the spirit is powerful, then the medium can perform miracles with its help. All spirits are not equally powerful. I call myself divine psychic astrologer, Vastubid and a physician of alternative medicine. I deal with inner secrets and mysteries of that science. Astrology is common to all human beings and spirits. And I also solve problems. If a human being’s dasa bukti (planetary period) is not good and if the helping Vastu Shastra, spirits are good. The efforts taken by the astrology, Tantra Shastra, Vastu Shastra and even by the spirits prove to be successful in solving the problem. This reduces the suffering. Of course there are certain limitations in solving problem. One needs to be born under lucky star in order to get help from supernatural power in a proper way.

My first palm reading

Mr. Abdur Razzak Mazumder (he was above forty years old then) approached me while I was a student of Class eight in Comilla Zila School (I was at that time only 14) to get some predictions and he did not possess any horoscope, he did not even know his accurate date of birth, time and day excepting place. I checked his palm, wrote some favourable predictions on a paper. I advised him to read them only at a particular auspicious time (noted down by me). He followed my instruction and read them at an auspicious time. I wrote him that his son would suffer from mental disease within 6-10 months. After one year Mr. Razzak Mazumder met me again. He told me that all my predictions had come true. His son was suffering from mental disease. He knew his son’s accurate birth details and I made a little horoscope, planet mercury and position of moon of his son were very bad according to his birth chart. I wrote that his son should wear an emerald and garnet gem stone. After 6 months he and his family members met me in our house and told in details to me that his son became a normal boy and I suggested them that his son should wear these two gemstones for whole of his life. They paid me taka one hundred at that time. This taka 100/- was my first income in my profession.

My first horoscope writing

During my student life in Comilla Zila School I wrote my first horoscope (78 A4 size papers) of the son of Mr. Abdur Razzak, his nick name was ‘Jewel’. After finishing his horoscope I wrote another horoscope. This was Mr. Razzak’s daughter Miss Sopna. They paid me for each horoscope taka 1,500/- (in Bangladeshi currency) and I have been writing horoscope since then. According to my practical experience my advice to all my clients is that remedial measures should be performed well in advance of bad period for unfavorable period. I have seen people perform remedies only during the times of trouble but I feel from my practical experience that he should start doing what is needed to be done to overcome the bad effects of upcoming unfavorable periods while a person is happy and confident.

Our analysis is comprehensive, pragmatic and realistic. Yet we don't profess to be god. Since we are humans, our abilities are limited and therefore we serve on best effort basis.

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Remedies that I suggest in general

Whenever a person comes to me I ask him his/her accurate birth details. If a person is able to say his birth detail accurately I make a birth chart (based on calculation) based on his/her birth, date, year, month, day and time). Then I read birth chart, especially I move ascendant, second house, 4th house, 7th house, 9th house, and 11th house and their lords-good or bad strength of the planet (please see your Horoscope). You can see the birth chart of the BANGLA home page). Even I calculate Navangsa Chart, planet to planet distance during birth time and predict the client’s Kavach (Amulet), gem stone, Yantram (it is one kind of talisman), Rudraksha or advise the client to read some holy sentences from holy quran for the people belonging to Islam Religion, some mantras from Tantra Shastra for the people belonging to Hindu Religion and some such advice to Christian and Buddhists. If there is bad effect of Vastu (Vastu = land, home, factory, industry, office, or any establishment) I ask them to correct Vastu without breaking single piece of bricks. Because if there is bad effect of Vastu the gem stone would not make any positive vibration or positive result to the wearer. If you have 100% Vastu purity you need no evil planet protection. Remember every creation is a Vastu. If your Vastu is 100% pure then why should you wear gems, amulet, talisman or Rudraksha?

People who are not able to say their accurate birth details, I read their palms and advise them to take appropriate protection.

Dr. Hasan Kabir is always beside you in your quest of peace and good days and also in your effort to remove distrust, confusion and doubts, especially in fulfilling your desires, aspirations and dreams and lastly in your adventure to know more about life.

Wishing that no kind of change may take place by you in the visible natural Resources created by almighty Creator and praying welfare to the world human Civilization on behalf of a person who was born in the territory of Bangladesh.